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Sushi Cooking Lessons

sushi cooking lessons

  • the act of preparing something (as food) by the application of heat; "cooking can be a great art"; "people are needed who have experience in cookery"; "he left the preparation of meals to his wife"

  • (cook) someone who cooks food

  • The process of preparing food by heating it

  • Food that has been prepared in a particular way

  • (cook) prepare a hot meal; "My husband doesn't cook"

  • The practice or skill of preparing food

  • Admonish or rebuke (someone)

  • (lesson) a unit of instruction; "he took driving lessons"

  • Instruct or teach (someone)

  • (lesson) example: punishment intended as a warning to others; "they decided to make an example of him"

  • (lesson) moral: the significance of a story or event; "the moral of the story is to love thy neighbor"

  • rice (with raw fish) wrapped in seaweed

  • Sushi (Susan Hayakawa) is a fictional character in the Marvel Comics Universe, most notably as a member of the Unlimited Class Wrestling Federation.

  • The second EP from German Synthpop band Neuroticfish.

  • A Japanese dish consisting of small balls or rolls of vinegar-flavored cold cooked rice served with a garnish of raw fish, vegetables, or egg

My Daddy - 1938 - 2010

My Daddy - 1938 - 2010

My father, Rex Graham, lost his battle with cancer on the morning of 24th November, 2010.

My daddy was an awesome man, one who taught me a deep appreciation for all aspects of life. My daddy was also a jack of all trades, and master of all!

Some of my favourite memories I remember as a child, I'd sit curled up next to him on the couch watching documentaries. Sometimes I'd complain, because I wanted to watch some dodgy Aussie soap, but I never won those battles. In hindsight, I'm glad, as I see that being exposed to documentaries from a young age taught me the value of appreciating art, nature and cultures.

I also remember that as strange a child as I was, my father always encouraged me in my endevours. I remember one particular time where I very painstakingly made a luxurious satin lined coffin for my dolls. I was proud of the job I had done and raced out to show him. Sitting with his friends, rather than berating me for making something so morbid, he praised me for doing such a great job in the construction. Was he embarrassed? I'll never know...but he did make me feel like I was the bestest coffin builder ever!

My fascination with Japan comes from my father - who used to tell me stories of how he became best friends with the Japanese consulate general in Canberra when he was a young man, long before I was even thought of. An avid gardener, my dad had a great appreciation of Japanese gardens. He decided one day that he was going to do a Japanese garden. He used to visit the consulate library to research gardens and the consulate general would always say to him "No, you make Japanese TYPE garden! Not Japanese garden!" But my dad would always say, "No, I will make a Japanese garden."

My dad finished his garden and invited the consulate over...and this, this was always my favourite part of my father's recollection of the moment: "As I brought him into the garden, the consulate general turned around to me and said "Rex-san! You made Japanese garden!""

My father was always exceptionally particular with any project he put his mind to, with extensive research and nothing short of a perfect completion. I think I inherited this trait, being the perfectionist I am.

My father's love of all things Japanese didn't end when he was young, though. When I flew over to visit my father in May 2010, I discovered that he was extremely well known to the locals in Tully as "The King of Tully". It turned out that my father lived in a caravan park where many backpackers would live for months at a time, working on the banana and sugar plantations around Tully. The majority of people who passed through the caravan park were Japanese and Korean girls, who made fast friends with my father. My father would take them sight seeing, bake them cookies and cakes and teach them English, and they would shower him with omiyage, have sushi parties and cook dinner for my father. My father had fun teaching them about "Rex" being Latin for "King", and hence how he became known as the "King of Tully" to many people all over the world. His English lessons were a little hoaky at best...but awfully quaint and thoughtful. I smile, knowing there are many people speaking Rex-ese.

My father lived out his retirement in the place he loved the most, surrounded by people who loved him, and spread his legacy around the world with his uniqueness, generosity and kindness.

My father was an amazing man, and I love him. And I miss him. I am grateful beyond all words that Lily was able to meet him, and brought such immense joy, love and comfort during his last months.

Lily will grow up knowing all about her Grandpapa and I hope that my father's mischievousness and inquisitive nature lives on in her.

Rest in peace, Daddy. I love you.

Pretty Teeny-Tiny Chirashi Sushi

Pretty Teeny-Tiny Chirashi Sushi

All I can say is that I love how everything is teeny, tiny and
separate individual pieces! :)
All the little cut-out vegetables, shrimp, peas, carrots and all the
tiny things aren't stuck together... I almost needed tweezers setting
this up as my stubby little fingers couldn't get a good grip.

Here's another Japanese dish lesson from the Re-ment International website:
"Chirashi Sushi - or "Scattered Sushi" is popular dish in Japan.
Various ingredients are scatted on top of a bowl of sushi rice -
popular ingredients include sweet egg, tobiko or ikura, sugar snap
peas, carved carrots, and unagi.
As for the sushi rice, special mix for chirashi sushi is available for
home cooking."

Another Yummy Meals fave.

sushi cooking lessons

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